Fabric Dust Jackets 101: Everything you need to know

Fabric Dust Jackets 101: Everything you need to know

First thing’s first, why do I need a fabric dust jacket?

Excellent question – I’m so glad you asked! Fabric dust jackets are the best new way to protect your books. The three-layered structure of Charlie & Fox dust jackets provides a protective barrier to rips, tears, finger-marks, and all the not-so-fun damage your book can endure while you’re reading it.

stack of books with fabric dust jackets on them

Cool beans, what else?

Well since you asked so nicely, our fabric dust jackets have a few other neat features:

  • First and foremost, they look cool. With over 80 designs to choose from, we keep our store well-stocked so you can protect your books and look good while doing so.
  • We all love a good matchy-matchy, and the interior fabric of your dust jacket is selected to complement the external design.
  • They are adjustable. We all know books come in a massive variation of thicknesses, and our dust jackets are designed to wrap around your book and tuck into an elastic strap at the back, so you can adjust it accordingly.
  • What about height, you ask? Of course, we have this covered too. With three height options available, our dust jackets are sized to the three most common height sizes of fiction books.
  • X marks the spot, or rather in our case, the ribbon marks the spot. Every one of our dust jackets comes fitted with a ribbon bookmark so you’ll never lose your page again (unless of course your cat finds the ribbon and pulls it out of your book, in which case we feel your pain and offer our condolences)

You’ve nearly convinced me, tell me more about the sizing

When it comes to selecting your new dust jacket, you only really need to consider the height of your book. The thickness will be covered with the adjustable length of the dust jacket as it wraps around your book and tucks into the elastic strap at the back (we’ve tested these on books from just a couple of hundred pages out to 1000+ pages and it still fits, so you’re all set here!)

For height, we have three options to suit nearly all of your reading material – note that these are based on fiction books, so other types of books (like comic books and text books) might not fit into this guide.

Stack of three books wearing sunflower fabric dust jackets, showing the size difference


Extra small: 7.75 inches tall, to suit trade paperbacks

book shelf with small paperbacks including Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake

Small: 8.5 inches tall, to suit shorter hardcovers

Books on a bookshelf including Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff

Large: 9.5 inches tall, to suit tall hardcovers and tall paperbacks

 Books on a bookshelf including A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare


Nearly there – one last thing, are they hard to put on?

If you have an OG version of our dust jackets, you may have fought with the ribbon that the dust jacket used to tuck into before we upgraded to elastic. While these were still pretty easy to put on, the newer model with the elastic is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. It takes just a few seconds to put them on:

  1. Tuck the front cover of your book into the pocket at the front of the dust jacket

Close-up of a book in a fabric dust jacket

  1. Fold the back of the dust jacket around the back cover of your book and tuck it into the elastic

Close-up of a book in a fabric dust jacket

  1. That’s it!

Book with a fabric dust jacket on it


Is it really as easy as all that?

Well, there is one part that does prove a bit difficult, and that’s actually choosing your new dust jacket. If I had a book for every time someone asked, “How am I supposed to choose from all the beautiful fabrics?!” then I would never have to set foot in a bookstore again.  

Books on a bookshelf featuring fabric dust jackets

So there you have it, you’re now fully qualified in the art of fabric dust jackets, and are ready to set sail into this brave new world where your books are protected and looking more fabulous than ever!

Not all heroes wear capes, but all the best books definitely wear their own super-cool fabric jacket.

Until next time,
Jess @ Charlie & Fox

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