Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers (that aren’t books) in 2022

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers (that aren’t books) in 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of year!
And sometimes, also the most stressful. Between hosting a festive meal that outshines all other dinners of the year, navigating your way through different family members, and picking out gifts that aren’t a cursory box of chocolates – there is no shortage of things on our to-do list leading up to the big day.

And in amongst the chaos of gift shopping, comes the particularly hard to buy for: The Book Lover. You know they love to read, yet buying books is always a tricky one. You don’t know if they have the new title from their favourite author (they probably do), and if you branch outside of their known reading habits you might end up gifting them a book that’s not quite to their taste.

So, what’s a gift-giver to do?

Don’t panic – we have you covered! We’ve put together a gift guide that is sure to hit the spot for book lovers far and wide, and as an added bonus the items on this list are all from Australian small businesses so you’re shopping small and supporting dreams at the same time. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Let’s get into it:


  1. Padded book sleeves from Charlie & Fox

charlie and fox padded book sleeve bookish gift

Okay okay so we are a little bias here given that we (Charlie & Fox) are putting together this gift guide, however thousands of book lovers swear by our padded book sleeves so naturally these had to make the list! These padded bags perfectly protect your books while they’re out in the world with you, whether that’s in a suitcase for the long haul or in your handbag for a quick trip. With over 60 designs to choose from, we know you’ll find the ideal style to suit the bookworm in your life. There are three sizes available, and we recommend the large if you’re not quite sure which size to go for. There’s also FREE gift wrapping available for the festive season to make your life that little bit easier.

Shop padded book sleeves at Charlie and Fox here


  1. Bookish t-shirts from Caffeine and Curses

manon blackbeak licensed sarah j maas bookish t-shirt

There’s no better feeling as a book lover than having someone recognise your favourite book by the shirt you’re wearing. Tracy from Caffeine and Curses has an outstanding range of t-shirts, from general book themes through to licensed merchandise from some of the biggest authors in the world right now (hello Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout!). These tees are made from wonderfully soft cotton, and her designs are some of the most popular in the bookish world. With over 1,000 five-star reviews, you’re definitely onto a winner with this option. 

Shop bookish t-shirts at Caffeine and Curses here


  1. Book-themed candles from Spark + Sparrow

spark and sparrow bookish themed soy candles

You get a candle, you get a candle – everyone gets a candle!
We know that candles are the perfect go-to gift every year, and what better way to show the reader in your life that you’ve given it extra thought than by making it bookish. These vegan-friendly soy candles are all handmade by small business owner Madi from Perth, and are packaged sustainably + have biodegradable glitter for the eco-conscious shopper. These do have a tendency to sell out quickly though (a testament to how popular Madi’s candles are) so we recommend getting in sooner rather than later!

Shop bookish candles at Spark + Sparrow here


  1. Really, really, really cute mugs from Keeper of the Suns

keeper of the suns folktale bookish mug

Like candles, mugs are absolutely a go-to item on everyone’s Christmas list. As a reader I know that books + your favourite drink go hand-in-hand, and having a super cute mug makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable. Jasmine from Keeper of the Suns has some of the most adorable designs in the market, plus they are dishwasher + microwave safe. Our favourite is the Folktale Books mug, although the Give No Fox is a very, very close second.

Shop bookish mugs at Keeper of the Suns here


  1. Gift Card from Fiction + Friction Book Seller

fiction and friction indie bookstore gift card

When in doubt, give the gift of choice! Fiction + Friction is Australia’s first bookstore of its kind and stocks over 700 books by more than 100 Indie Authors. In case you missed it – 2022 is the year of the Indie Author (we just made that up although we totally think it’s true!)
Bookstore owner Britt is an avid book lover herself and has the largest range of books from Indie Authors that we’ve found, which we absolutely love. Supporting small business + Indie Authors in one hit? Yes please!'

Shop gift cards at Fiction and Friction here


  1. Bookish Jigsaw Puzzle from Reverie Puzzles

reverie puzzles bookish jigsaw puzzle

We cannot recommend these beautiful puzzles enough. Small business owner Melissa works with artists all over the world to turn their incredible artwork into high-quality jigsaw puzzles. She has a range of both licensed and general bookish themed designs in her online store, and features both 500 and 1000 piece puzzles. What’s truly impressive are the way these puzzles stay together once completed. Don’t believe us? Check out the videos on her Instagram for proof! She’s also just dropped a brand-new collection and the Sunset Sonnets puzzle is an absolute knock-out.

Shop bookish puzzles at Reverie Puzzles here


  1. Reading Journal from Charlie & Fox

charlie and fox reading journal

This is another item from our own range and (in our wholly bias opinion) is too perfect to leave off this list. This disc-bound journal features 12 tabbed sections to capture everything you love about reading. From your Wishlist to your Reviews and Favourite Characters – it’s all right there at your fingertips. What’s better still is that this journal is undated, so you can read at your own pace and you don’t have to worry about abiding by set reading schedules. With a cosy vibe and an interactive design to personalise your reading journey, it makes for the perfect gift for book lovers everywhere.

Shop reading journal at Charlie & Fox here


  1. A Whole Heap of Bookmarks from BookBookOwl

bookbookowl bookish bookmark

It wouldn’t be a bookish gift guide without bookmarks, and the range from BookBookOwl is truly fabulous! Designer Jen creates these from her home in Western Australia, and absolutely nails the brief for style, quality, and price. Fair warning – you may get trapped down the rabbit hole looking through all of her beautiful bookmarks while trying to decide which one matches the reader you’re buying for. Our tip? Grab a few, and one for yourself while you’re going!

Shop bookmarks at BookBookOwl here


  1. Bookish Subscription Box from Book Addiction

book addiction bookish subscription box

Subscription boxes are an incredibly fun gift to both give and receive. There are so many different types out in the world, and we love that there are plenty of bookish options to choose from! Karyn from Book Addiction has several options so you can tailor this gift to the genre that your book-loving friend likes to read. Sci-fi? Romance? She has you covered. Each box contains a new release book plus 5-6 related goodies, and you can choose from a single box or a monthly subscription depending on how much you want to spoil your favourite reader this Christmas.

Shop bookish subscription boxes at Book Addiction here


  1. Collectible Enamel Pins & Accessories from The Enamel Library

the enamel library bookish collectible pins

Lucky last on the list is the beautifully bookish range from Paris at The Enamel Library. As the business name suggests, Paris specialises in collectible enamel pins and has a stunning complementary range of bookish accessories. From tote bags to key chains and woodmarks (wooden bookmarks), there is plenty to choose from to make every book lover happy! Plus you can even give your reader a monthly enamel pin subscription for the gift that keeps on giving long after the trifle and pav have been served.

Shop bookish accessories and pins at The Enamel Library here


And there you have it! The Aussie small business community truly has a spectacular line-up of bookish essentials to make this Christmas even more special for book lovers.

‘Tis the season for reading!

 Until next time,
Jess @ Charlie & Fox


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