Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

All of the materials we use both at home and those which arrive at your door are designed to fit around the reduce-reuse-recycle model.
Let’s break this down (pun intended) for our packaging, which is most important for our customers as the end user.
Cardboard boxes: 100% recyclable.
Packing tape: water activated, 100% recyclable.
Tissue paper: FSC-certified paper, 100% compostable, recyclable, and made from recycled materials.
Hex wrap: 100% recyclable.
Bubble wrap: all re-used from product arriving to C&F (we don’t buy any bubble wrap) + recyclable through the Australian REDcycle program.
Mailing satchels: recyclable through the Australian REDcycle program.

Carbon offsetting through Greenfleet

We know that as well as generating carbon emissions from our daily operations, sending our products to your doorstep means we’re contributing to additional emissions through transport. We offset this through Greenfleet, which plants native biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to restore critical ecosystems and capture carbon emissions.

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Greenfleet Carbon Offset Certificate