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Finding the perfect fabric dust jacket

You're ready to step into the world of fabric dust jackets (WELCOME!) and now comes the two most difficult parts.

The first part: Finding the perfect sized fabric dust jacket for your personal collection.

We know our treasured reads come in all different shapes and sizes, and we've designed our Charlie & Fox dust jackets to accommodate for this!

The easiest way to check what size you need, is to measure the height (spine) of your book(s), and check this against our size chart guide.

While this size guide is great when you have a ruler handy, we don't always have one in our pockets, so here's a more in-depth explanation of each size: (quick note that not every dust jacket in our range is available in every size)

Large (L) - for tall hardcovers up to 9.5 inches / 24cm in height. This is a common height for hardcovers in UK and Aus, and if you're a FairyLoot subscriber, this is the size you'll want. You can also use this for your hardcovers that are a fraction shorter (e.g. 9.25 inches / 23.5cm).

US-Large (US-L) - if you're looking for a more snug fit for your 9.25 inch / 23.5cm tall books, this is the one for you. This is a common hardcover size in the United States, which tends to be just that tiny bit shorter than UK editions.

Medium (M) - for tall paperbacks up to 9 inches / 23cm tall. This is a common trade paperback size, and is popular in Australia/UK. Please note that if you have hardcovers at 9 inches tall, you will need to size up as our medium is designed for paperbacks, so doesn't have the extra space to accommodate for the added thickness of hard covers.

Small (S) - for paperbacks and hardcovers up to 8.5 inches / 21.5cm tall. This size is great for your shorter hardcovers (not B-format hardcovers though, we'll cover them next), and paperbacks in this same height size. We find indie paperbacks are often this size, and these can be used for 8.25 inch tall paperbacks, you'll just have a little extra wiggle room in the dust jacket height.

Demi-small (DS) - for your paperbacks at 8.25 inches / 21cm tall, and your B-format hardcovers (if you have any tiny hardcovers from FairyLoot, this is the size for them). This is a common size in fiction trade paperbacks in the US, and offers a more snug fit for these books compared to our small size.

Extra-small (XS) - for your short paperbacks at 8 inches / 20cm tall. This size is most common in short paperbacks in the UK and Australia.

Extra-extra-small (XXS) - for your teeny paperbacks at 7 inches / 17.75cm tall. These pocket-sized paperbacks aren't the most common size across the board, however many of us have a few of these tucked away in our collections, so it's handy to have an option for them! We do recommend double checking if you need the XS or XXS size before ordering, as these are often mixed up.

Still not sure on sizing?

Drop a question in the chat box (bottom left corner of your screen), or flick an email across to us at, we're always more than happy to help!

Now, remember when I said there were two difficult parts to finding the perfect dust jacket? Well, sizing was the easier of the two. The next one is all up to you - choosing the one in the style that suits you best! 

Shop our full range of fabric dust jackets here to find your new favourite


Until next time, 

Jess @ Charlie & Fox

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