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Charlie and Fox

Dragon Rider fabric dust jacket (book cover) - Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Dragon Rider fabric dust jacket (book cover) - Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

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*Officially licensed merchandise for the book Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros*

Add protection and style to your favourite books with a Charlie & Fox fabric dust jacket. With a fully adjustable design to accommodate for most book widths, these dust jackets are carefully crafted to protect your books from damage, and are an ideal bookish reading companion

This dust jacket features a stunning "Dragon Rider" design in a premium cotton fabric with gold foil detail, and has been designed for Charlie & Fox by Carmen Di Mauro.


  • iconic Charlie & Fox style with a firm interfacing to provide structure and support
  • high quality exterior fabric
  • colour coordinated internal fabric 
  • developed with consideration to the varying thicknesses of books

Sizing - we recommend the Large size for the Fourth Wing hardcover, and the Medium size for the tall Fourth Wing paperback.
Large: to suit tall hardcovers up to 9.5 inches tall
Medium: to suit tall paperbacks up to 9 inches tall
Small: to suit shorter hardcovers and regular paperbacks up to 8.5 inches tall
Extra small: to suit small paperbacks up to 7.75 inches tall

Bundle includes 1 x Large, 1 x Medium, 1 x Small, and 1 x Extra small (4 dust jackets in total).

Care instructions
Gentle hand wash or cold gentle machine wash (best in a lingerie bag to prevent the ribbon from getting tangled), and lay flat to dry.

How to use:
Our designs have a built-in pocket at the front, which the front cover of your book slides into to anchor it. At the back, your dust jacket will fold around the back cover of your book and tuck into an elastic strap to keep it in place. This means you can change the length of your dust jacket depending upon the thickness of your book. All of our dust jackets also come fitted with a built-in ribbon bookmark.


Artwork inspired by the book FOURTH WING by Rebecca Yarros, published by Red Tower Books, an imprint of Entangled Publishing, LLC. Copyright 2023 by Rebecca Yarros. Artwork by CHARLIE & FOX.

I affirm that the artwork featured on the products available for purchase is entirely my own original creation. Rebecca Yarros and Red Tower Books/Entangled Publishing have provided their approval for the use of this artwork, but please note that they have not directly collaborated with me in the artistic process. Additionally, any character traits depicted in the artwork are purely the result of my imagination and have no connection to any future characters in books by Rebecca Yarros, as I possess no foreknowledge of such traits.

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